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Fruits and Nuts



Kayan Import Export LLC was founded in 2021 with a clear goal: To support local/interstate trade and small businesses all across the US. At Kayan, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your dry goods needs. We are continually expanding our product offerings to meet the demands of our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality. We hope to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


Michael Holmes - owner - Kayan Trade - Import Export - Nuts / Almonds, Cashews, Rice and Spices throughout the United States

Kayan Import Export LLC was established by Michael Holmes in November 2021 to sell dry goods. A few years prior to this, we were young company working out of the garage. The garage itself does not have very many fancy were qualities, however with this extreme hardship this gives us motivation to excel little bit further.


One of the character traits of our business is that we know what hard work and perseverance is all about. We would just be like everybody else, down in the dumpster, made sacrifices to make this business work. As a result of those hardships, our company is driven to succeed in their motivation is clear to use those hardships as a guide to maintain quality, quantity, and effectiveness.

As business picked up, Kayan expanded globally to reach clients across the ocean in efforts to products. With this process in mind, the company can have a competitive advantage among other businesses. We are fully confident they can reach this business objective has been the primary driver for the company. of representation in different parts of the world.


What makes Kayan different from our competition is that we try to forge identity with our customers. Most competitors are in it for the money, counting their profits and going home. That is not a value that our company has. We divulge all customer related issues and take pride in providing excellent service and in the products that we have.


Our mission is to guarantee top-notch quality products. Our research and development department are always looking to add new products that our customers might enjoy. These same products must be proven durable, have an edge in quality, and return value to the customer for their purchase. Many other import / export companies would not go the full mile for their customers as Kayan Trade LLC does.

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